Toy Box

A short, creepy, nostalgic Bitsy game 

Content Warning: May be disturbing for some players - references self hate, anxiety, and dissociation. 

โˆ… โˆ… [ | - | ] โˆ… โˆ…

Toy box is a surreal game developed in Bitsy. It follows a plush passing through a toy box  that has been imbued with memories, words, and despair.  It is a world left forgotten and remembered by few. 

There are "two endings" in the game depending on how many secrets you find. For the full experience, it's best to be observant and curious. There are several quirky NPCs, puzzles, and a few demons.

If you get stuck on any puzzles or want to figure out how to get the second ending, you can check out the puzzle guide.


Music was developed using the PICO-8 fantasy console. 

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