Beta Breakout (v1.2) is a "Breakout Clone" developed in Pico-8: a Lexaloffle fantasy console based on the Lua Programming Language.

Your objective is to break a variety of "bricks" using a ball and pad.  There are numerous random power ups to help you along the way. Whether they accelerate or impede your performance is up to how and when you use them. 

Included in this game are...

  • 19 levels with 9 random preset stages each
  • 10 powerups
  • 4 little tunes
  • A "Normal" and "Hard" Mode
  • A few (secret) tunes and sprites
  • A secret 20th level "boss"
  • probably an hour of gameplay
  • a somewhat evil combo system
  • tears. many tears.
  • ...and the occasional bug. 

What's the deal with Normal Mode? Well dying on a level simply restarts it with a different stage. Oh, and after your first thousand points, every thousand points grants an extra life. If you die in Hard mode, you start back at the beginning. No life bonuses.

What's the point of Hard mode? Well... you can figure that out.


This game was a project for myself to get involved with Pico-8, Lua, and general game development. It will likely remain in its current state with a few updates-here-and-there (certain glitches may be cleaned up at some point). I encourage any Pico-8 users to download the cartridge and tinker around with it.

Credit to Krystman from the TeamworkCast for providing source code for his project, at I modified a bit of his code for the basis of my game.  

All music and graphics were made using the Pico-8 fantasy console.

The game's soundtrack is available on sound cloud at

Feel free to ask questions or point out some glitches.(No guarantee that I will fix them any time soon.)


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